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Hi, I'm Audrey

Mom. Entrepreneur. Getter of all the snacks.

I’m not known for my cooking. So, how did I become a ghostwriter for food bloggers?

Growing up in Toronto, I was surrounded by – and also immersed in – many different cultures. My father was born in Mauritius, a tiny island off the east coast of South Africa, which has a heavy French/Chinese/Indian influence. I was introduced to rice and lentils, curries, ratatouille, and chutneys early on, and my father owned and operated a restaurant called the Blue Bay Café. It was the first, and possibly only, Mauritian restaurant in Toronto. 


Food Blog Ghostwriting

Welcome! You’ve landed here, which means you’re interested in hiring me as your ghostwriter or you want to learn more about what that means. Either way, here’s the scoop.

I have the opportunity to combine my love of writing and my love of food in a way that helps food bloggers publish quality written content that ranks. My clients are then able to publish consistently and captivate a larger audience. By outsourcing the blog writing portion of their business, they’re left with more time to focus on other areas.

Not many people know what goes on behind the scenes of running a food blog. The recipe development, the testing and retesting, the photography and videography, the website maintenance, the social media post scheduling and engagement, and so much more.

Audrey has been fabulous to work with. She’s never missed a deadline and her posts have always ranked well for us. She has been a huge asset to our team.” 
Jamielyn Nye  I Heart Naptime

“Audrey is knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend her. Whether you are looking for writing help or Facebook management, she is the person to turn to!”
Rosemary Molloy  An Italian in My Kitchen & All Things Bread

“I truly enjoy working with Audrey! She is always attentive to details, adapts to any changes quickly, and meets and even exceeds deadlines. Audrey is honest, hard-working, and does a great job writing content for my blog.”
Olena Osipov  iFoodreal

“Audrey is a wonderful writer, she is incredibly organized and very professional. She never missed a deadline, and I know that I can 100% trust her to deliver high-quality posts for my blog in a voice similar to mine. If you’re looking to hire a writer, I highly recommend Audrey, she’s a pleasure to work with!”
Diana Alshakhanbeh  Little Sunny Kitchen

 “Audrey is a brilliant writer and her knowledge of writing for SEO is excellent!  She always goes above and beyond my expectations and her writing style is a perfect fit!  If you have the opportunity to work with Audrey, I highly recommend it!”
Sherri Hagymas  To Simply Inspire

“I cannot say enough about Audrey! She’s incredibly organized, professional, and I trust her implicitly.  When you hire her, you are getting the best of both worlds – a great writer and someone who really gets the ins and outs of running a small business. I’m so grateful for Audrey’s insightful feedback and thoughtful suggestions. If you’re looking for quality content, professional services, and high integrity, look no further. I am delighted to recommend Audrey!”
Terri Thompson  Terri Starting From Scratch

 “Audrey has been such a huge support for my blog. Not only is she an amazing writer but she is also knowledgeable, reliable, organized, and professional. She always delivers high-quality work on time (or ahead of time) and researches the topic to match my target audience. I fully trust her to take over the writing aspect so that I can focus on other aspects of my business. I highly recommend Audrey to anyone needing a writer!”
Quynh Nguyen Savory Sweet Spoon

“Audrey has been a godsend.  No matter what I throw at her, she creates a publish-ready piece that is thoroughly researched and well written.   She is quick, professional, and excellent at communication.  Total lifesaver!!!”
Stefanie Knaus  Girl. Inspired

“Food bloggers have 500 things to do at any given moment so when I met Audrey I was instantly relieved to take something off my plate. With very little direction, she preps my posts for me, in a voice very close to mine, so I can focus on other things. A timesaver and a motivator at the same time.”
Melissa Williams  Persnickety Plates

“Audrey has been a godsend for me! Her writing is thorough, with an understanding for SEO and seamless integration that echoes the bloggers’ voice & POV. She follows directions well and delivers in a very timely manner. A true pleasure to work with!”
Christina Nease  Celebrations at Home

“Audrey is one of the best Ghost Writers! She is incredibly organized. When I sent her a recipe she would send me a finished product the same day. I also love her writing style, it’s easy to read and down to earth. We love having her on our team!”
Love Keil  Munchkin Time

“Audrey is an absolute delight to work with! She consistently delivers high-quality blog post writing with fantastic attention to detail. She’s proactive, professional, and a huge asset to my team and business. I would not hesitate to recommend Audrey to my colleagues and friends!”

Rachel Gurk  Pancake Recipes & Rachel Cooks

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